Bishop Liston Page, SR.

Bishop Liston Page, Sr. serves as the Presiding Prelate of the Greater Highway Deliverance
Ministries. He is also the Senior Pastor of the Greater Highway Deliverance Temple lo- cated in the heart of New York City. Greater Highway Deliverance Temple serves as the head- quarter church for G.H.D. Ministries.
Through obedience to the Holy Spirit, God has immensely blessed Bishop Page to impact the lives of those he encounter. It is with evidence that the favor of God is heavily upon him. Bishop Page has been afforded the privilege to expand the Greater Highway Deliverance Ministries territory by having churches all over the nation, as well as churches in Canada, Africa, and West Indies.


Bishop Page serves on the Board of the Joint College of African America Pentecostal Bishops and he also serves as a Chaplain of the International Worldwide Outreach, Inc. He is the President of the Metropolitan Development Corporation (affiliated with the Phoenix House Corp.) and the CEO of the Highway Christian Academy.
Bishop Page has obtained his Doctorate of Divinity, degree from the National Theological Semi- nary of the Commonwealth University of St. Louis, Missouri.


Thousands have been healed, delivered, and blessed through Bishop Page’s ministry. He is a true vessel of God and he is a great Kingdom Builder whose diligent efforts towards the amelioration of mankind can be shown through his acts of love.

Bishop Page has been married to his bride, Dr. Hazel Page for 50 years. Out of this union they have been blessed with three successful children; Dr. Wanda P. Page, Bishop Liston Page, II and Overseer Darren L. Page. He’s the grandfather of seven and the spiritual father of thousands.
His humble spirit has encouraged many people to walk, talk, and be holy. The Bible instructs us to “mark the perfect man, and behold the upright man for the end of that man is peace.” Surely the peace of God abides with this righteous vessel.